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Accepted only at the
Bishop-Sunland Landfill

Non-friable only
-Minimum- $45.00 charge
$85.00 per /Ton or

Contaminated soil
(gasoline, diesel, and/or related constituents) - $50 per ton.
Out-of-County of Inyo -
$75 per ton.


Inyo County Landfill Items Accepted & Fees For Facilities Without Scales - Or Facilities with Inoperable Scale

Click Here for Fees at Locations with Scales

Fees effective July 1, 2017
Gate Entrance Fee - $5.00

Note: If entire load content is recyclable material only, gate fee does not apply.

A Gate Fee is charged in addition to all items listed below unless noted otherwise.




Animal Carcasses (each)
- less than 25 lbs. -------------------------- $ 5.00
- between 25-200 lbs.-------------------- $10.00
- over 200 lbs.  ----------------------------- $30.00
Note: Not accepted at transfer stations 


Construction & Demolition (C&D)
Commercial & Residential <1 cy $15.00------------------------------ > 1 cy $15.00 ea c.y. Broken- Concrete-------------------<1 cy- $50.00-----------
------------------------------ > 1 cy $50.00 ea c.y.--Mixed C&D-----------------<1 cy $50-------------------------------------------------->1cy $50 per cy--Clean Soil (no debris & no rocks larger than a baseball) --------------------------------No Charge

Clean Scrap Metal --------------No Charge
(If material can be separated easily)

Household Waste --------------- Gate Fee for 1st 1-c.yd. $5.00 ea additional c.y.

Furnishings -------------------- $4.00/ item
Thrift Shops that regularly accept household furniture and clothing -----------------No Charge

Treated Wood Waste -----Not Accepted(Inyo County Landfills Cannot Be permitted to take Treated Wood)

Special Handling
Base rate (first ½ hour) --------$35.00
Each additional ½ hour -------- $47.00            

Tires (max. 9 - per visit)
- < 19”rim size ---------------------------$4.00 each
- > 20"- 24.5”----------------------------$8.00 each
Tractor/Heavey Equipment Tires ---------------------lesss than 100 lbs----------------------------$30-----Greater than 100 and up to 150 lbs----$40-----Greater than 150 and up to 200 lbs----$50---Motorcycle, Go-Cart, Golf Cart, Trailers and equipment tires (all sizes) ------------$3.00 each
Bicycle Tires -------------------------------No Charge

Altered Tires --------------------- $127.00 per c.y.
Note: Tires on rims not accepted

Mixed debris loads ------------------------Residential or Commercial --------- $50.00/ c. y.
(Defined as a load of recyclable and/or organic material mixed with solid waste)

All TowTrailers < 20'------------------$30.00 greater than 20'------------------------$50.00 Camper Shells, Tonneau covers----$30.00

Mobile homes, campers, camp trailers, house trailers.

--------------------------------------< 15’ $90.00
--------------------------------------->15’ $130.00
Note: Not accepted at transfer stations

Vehicle/Vessel Bodies
Motorcycles, Personal water craft (Jet skis, wave runners, Passenger vehicles and auto bodies ---Not Accepted at Any Site---

Boats ( All metal body not accepted)
- Fiberglass and/or wood
< 20’ in length ---------------------------- $45.00
> 20’ in length ---------------------------- $65.00

Green Waste (Lawn clippings, leaves, slash,tree trimmings, trees, shrubs, yard waste, woodchips)
- Residential-----1st 3-c.yds. Gate Fee only ----------------------------($2.00 ea additional c.y.)

Manure --------------------<1 cy Gate fee only ------------------------------------> 1cy $9.00/ c.y.

Tree Stumps----------------< 24" $4.00/each ---------------------------------> 24" $12.00/each
Note: Not accepted at transfer stations





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